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TrackMan Lessons

Here at Branston Golf Range, Academy Director Rory Haigh utilises the world's leading launch monitor in all of his lessons. TrackMan uses radar based technology and tracks the entire flight of your golf ball giving you vital information as to what the club has done through impact and how that affects the ball.


Instant feedback coming from parameters such as club speed, ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle etc, along with high speed video analysis and the shot’s 3D trajectory are shown to the client to get the very best out of your golf game. Trackman can be used in many ways to help golfers of all abilities.


To book a lesson on TrackMan today please click the button below:

TrackMan Gapping Session

A gapping session on the world's leading launch monitor involves hitting 6 - 8 shots which each club throughout the bag recording both the carry and total distance. The data that will be gathered can be utilised to enhance future improvements.


You will  certainly gain increased confidence with each club selection and therefore really be in a position to maximise your golfing performance. If any yardage gaps arise then we are able to adjust lofts accordingly or offer advice to ensure that you have a club for any yardage into the green. Book onto a trackman gapping session today and start moving towards improving your golf game.

To book a gapping session on TrackMan today please click the button below.

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