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Why you should go to a golf driving range!

Golfers and anyone interested in golf have access to driving ranges where they can practice their swings and learn new skills. Golfers can practice hitting different types of shots, such as fades, draws, hooks and slices. One of the most popular driving ranges in the midlands is called Branston Golf Range.

Not only does Branston Golf Range offer excellent services to beginners but also to experienced players. The driving range has 16 mats with multiple targets to allow players to practice different shots under different conditions. There are also several video screens that show the player's swings so they can improve them with time. Our Toptracer powered golf driving range helps to perfect your game providing in-depth shot analysis taking the guesswork out of your range sessions.

Golf driving ranges are an essential part of any golfer’s game. This is where they can sharpen their skills and work on their technique without waiting outside for a free tee time or weather condition to clear. The facilities contained within these golf driving ranges often come with practice greens, putting greens, driver nets, and even short game areas including bunkers and chipping mats.

Driving ranges are places where you can practice your golf swing and perfect your swing. A golf course is designed for playing the game, while this is not one. To practice hitting balls, driving ranges usually have netting and targets.

Make sure that you are having fun while you are playing golf. In a driving range, you can practice both long shots and short shots like chipping and putting to improve your technique.

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