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How does Toptracer work?

Good question! There are a lot of questions about this, it's pretty complicated, but we'll do our best to explain it in a way that doesn't hurt your head.

What Is Toptracer?

It has revolutionized the way golf is viewed on TV, and it is now revolutionizing golfers' driving range experiences. Often, driving ranges are criticized for its monotonous ball whacking that quickly becomes monotonous and isn't particularly useful to golfers. However, since Toptracer technology has been introduced to driving ranges, golfers can now enjoy practicing and maximizing their range time by playing games like nearest the pin, longest drive and even teeing it up on an ever increasing number of famous golf courses around the world.

The process is as easy as going to your local Toptracer driving range,ing the app, signing in, and scanning your screen.

Is it reliable?

Absolutely! You probably already know that it's not just used for ranges but also for TV broadcasts of top tournaments. That proves its accuracy and reliability, so don't let your mate blame the technology next time he sends one into the trees!

Over 2.5 million shots are tracked each day by Toptracer. They stand head and shoulders above their competitors with high accuracy levels.

It's time to get technical!

There are cameras and sensors that create a 3D space in which objects can be tracked. In order to track the ball flight and display it on the screen, the software needs enough light to track the golf ball's light waves. Multiple balls can be tracked at once and assigned to the correct bay due to the distance between the sensors. It divides the golf range into triangles (like an invisible grid) so the ball can be traced back to each bay knowing the angle at which the ball both enters and exits each triangle.

I hope this cleared up any confusion you had regard our Toptracer range. Now you know more about Toptracer, it's time to try it our for yourself at Branston Golf Range.

Thank you for reading!

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